The Importance of the Right Tires

With winter approaching in Odessa, TX, you can consider yourself lucky if you have a vehicle with either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. These systems provide extra power and traction in snow and other difficult driving conditions. It's important to understand the difference in how they work.

With four-wheel drive, you can engage all four wheels at once to give your vehicle extra power and traction. Most newer vehicles have a function that does this automatically, but you may have to actually use a shifter to engage it. All-wheel drive works a little differently. In all-wheel-drive cars, onboard computer senses which wheels are needed most and then adjusts. Your vehicle may use the front wheels sometimes and the rear wheels at other times depending on conditions.

If you want to learn more about the all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles, come to Sewell Ford to talk to our experts today!

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