The Importance of the Right Tires

There are three basic measurements you should know that are considered milestone tread depths for your vehicle's tires. The first is 2/32 inch tread. This is what the old standard used to be for the time to replace your tires. Anything below this is considered a bald tire.

The second is 4/32 inch tread depth. This is the new standard today. When your tires reach 4/32 inch tread depth, it's time to replace them. When your tread depth falls below this, your risk of an accident increases.

The third is 10/32 in tread depth. This is considered to be good tread for most vehicles. All terrain tires, as well as winter tires, may have even deeper treads.

Know the milestone tread depths for your vehicle and stay safe on the roads. You can visit Sewell Ford-Lincoln today and have one of our professionals inspect your vehicle's tires to make sure the tread depth is good and that you are safe on the road.
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