The Importance of the Right Tires

In the new Ford Escape, everyone has the opportunity to get comfortable. This sought-after compact SUV is available at Sewell Ford-Lincoln with an advanced climate control system. You can also get some additional features to take your comfort to another level.

The optional dual-zone electronic automatic climate control system is available on many Escape builds. This high-tech feature cools the cabin in two separate zones. You can set your preferred temperature in the driver's seat while your front passenger can do the same. The system is completely electronic, so you can make fine adjustments until you get it just right. The Escape will remember your settings and automatically adjust the temperature each time you get behind the wheel.

Drivers in Odessa can also get a heated steering wheel to stay warm during those cold winter months. Built-in heating elements produce a soothing warmth that will keep your fingers toasty and nimble.

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