The Importance of the Right Tires

The amount of horsepower that a vehicle offers matters to potential car buyers because it tells how powerful the engine is. If you have questions about horsepower, just stop by the Sewell Ford showroom and we will be glad to help you.

The story of how the term "horsepower" originated is very interesting. The famous 18th-century inventor, James Watt, was searching for a way to impress prospective customers in regard to his steam engine, a very powerful machine that would be a great help to farming. While observing ponies hauling coal at a coal mine he was visiting, he calculated that a pony could haul 22,000 foot-pounds of coal per minute. He quickly revised the formula for horses and came up with a 33,000 foot-pound figure.

Noting that the horse was the main form of transportation at the time, his term of "horsepower" made sense to the people of that time, and it still does to the customers of today. Come to our Odessa Ford dealership soon to discuss the horsepower offered in our wide range of Ford cars and SUVs for sale.

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