The Importance of the Right Tires

Every few years, Ford refreshes the design of the Mustang. The classic look is still present in the overall design, but the new hood, headlamps, and body style are more than subtle. You can see that the designers wanted more of an aerodynamic look that resembled the race car design that has become popular in sports cars. US News & World Report also named the new Mustang as the number one sports car in America.

The Ford Mustang is iconic and has the same look of its old design with a few tweaks that changes it towards a more modern look. While most people will look to the exterior for changes, there have been some upgrades inside of the cabin as well. For example, the cabin has a premium speaker system, new SYNC infotainment system, and soft-touch materials for a higher-grade look.

You can see the latest Ford Mustang by booking a test drive at Sewell Ford located in Odessa, TX.

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