The Importance of the Right Tires

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger wagon is a popular and aerodynamic van wagon style vehicle. This vehicle style offers dimensions that include wide-body designs and enhanced headroom. It also provides drivers and passengers with many entertaining and trip enhancing technology features. These features include the SYNC 3 system as well as the Ford Pass service.

Gone are the days when drivers needed to fumble about to select buttons in order to interact with their vehicles. The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger van wagon offers the SYNC 3 voice-activated interaction system. Now, drivers can either use the centrally located touchscreen or their voices to control a variety of vehicle-related systems. Plus, this system makes it easy to get directions, weather reports, and other important information.

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger van wagon also makes the Ford Pass system available to drivers. This is a specialized app that is designed to make it easier to travel. For example, the Ford Pass system provides fuel price comparisons, parking areas, and even prepayment services.

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