The Importance of the Right Tires

If you want to drive a popular crossover SUV that offers you more, then you have to check out the Ford Edge. The Edge offers a number of capability features that beats the competition. Here are some top capability features of this year's Edge.

If you want to have complete control while on the road, then you will want the Edge's Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system. This unique system uses a number of sensors to monitor changes on the road and makes on-the-fly adjustments for a safer and more confident drive.

Keeping your devices charged on the road is a must. That's why the Edge offers a unique wireless charging pad. No more worrying about hooking up your device to a charging cord. Simply place the device on the Edge's wireless charging pad and you are done.

You can test drive the Ford Edge at Sewell Ford-Lincoln in Odessa, TX today. Our friendly Ford sales associates look forward to making you a deal.

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