The Importance of the Right Tires

Here at Sewell Ford-Lincoln, we did not imagine we would be discussing the quiet start you can have to your day with the Ford Mustang. Throughout its life, the Mustang has been known for the impressive roar that is produced by its powerful engine and sporty exhaust system. However, Ford has listened to you and learned you do not always feel the roar of the Mustang's exhaust is appropriate for the majority of your life. Instead, the Ford Mustang has introduced the technological breakthrough of the Active Performance Exhaust Audio system that places you in the driving seat when it comes to how loud your Mustang sounds.

You may not want to wake your family or neighbors each morning when you head to work in Odessa, TX with the quiet start mode giving you a whisper-quiet sound from your Ford Mustang. Arriving and leaving work can be done with a professional air when you engage the quiet start mode to seem more professional at all times.

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